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Our story

We are Twans!

A passionate interior design company that specialises in the design and manufacture of next-level interiors. We have been translating craftsmanship, quality and passion into custom-made creations for super yachts, high-end villas, and other unique ‘Twan-of-a-kind’ projects effortlessly since 2008.

Twan and Twan

Our passion translated into 2650 m2 of craftsmanship

The Twans story starts with Twan van den Heuvel and Twan van den Bogaart, two friends from the same village in Brabant. In addition to sharing the same name, Twan and Twan share a great passion for exclusive interior design. Via their interior yacht design training, that passion led them to Heesen Yachts in Oss, where they learned the finer points of high-end interior design. In 2008, Twan and Twan decided to join forces and start their own business, ‘Twan and Twan’. What started in a shed at home soon became a flourishing business. Four relocations and a name change later, Twans has become a leading player in the world of super yachts and high-end residential projects. The company is located in 2650 m2 premises in Uden. Here, in collaboration with leading (interior) architects and shipyards, they work on the most prestigious interior projects for clients all over the whole world. Despite this rapid and impressive growth, their shared passion and down-to-earth Brabantian mentality can be seen and felt in everything. And we are very proud of that!

We want to be invaluable, we literally want to make the world a much more beautiful place. We want to be invaluable, we literally want to make the world a much more beautiful place.
Our mission

To be invaluable

Twans translates loosely as ‘invaluable one’. And that is exactly what we represent! We want our work to be invaluable to our clients and partners, we literally want to make the world a much more beautiful place. We pull out all the stops to do that, making the impossible possible.

The Twans genes

Trust, quality, craftsmanship, passion and unburdening

These are the values that make Twans Twans, they are anchored in our genes.


Everything revolves around trust in our work. We can only do what we do through good client relationships and strong partnerships.


Consistently delivering top quality, that is what we represent. We go for the highest attainable standards in everything and ensure this is upheld throughout.


We combine pure handiwork with use of the most innovative and advanced techniques and exclusive materials in our work. This enables us to deliver groundbreaking craftsmanship.


Twans was born out of a passion for exclusive interior design. And that passion can still be seen and felt in everything today. As can our down-to-earth Brabantian mentality!

Perfect Project Management

We believe it is important for the process to be worry-free for our clients and partners. We believe in a transparent way of working, with short lines and clear communication. We believe a promise is a promise.

Accredited work placement company

Caring for professionals of the future

Twan van den Heuvel: “We believe it is important to invest in the future of our craftsmanship. That is why we have been training students for years. We offer them a good and safe workplace to learn the trade. We also contribute to the branch committee of Summa College to ensure a perfect connection between education and practice.


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