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We also apply our specialist expertise and experience to enrich villas, apartments and penthouses with the most unique and exclusive interiors. We turn every design dream into a reality by producing next-level turn-key creations that transform interiors into dream homes.


An exclusive solution to every design need

We develop your ideas and designs into a technical design and translate that into a custom-made production. We are able to offer a perfectly suitable solution to every design need thanks to a combination of groundbreaking craftsmanship and high quality project management. Each project is unique and we approach it as such. This manifests in the production of many unique details, amongst others. After all, the difference is in the detail. Our workshop is equipped with numerous advanced machines including in-house paintworks, a CNC milling machine and a machine for processing Corian. We can therefore develop everything in-house and execute and deliver any idea – no matter how complex, innovative and creative – in the form of a turn-key solution. We support you through each step so that everything is completed to your satisfaction within the agreed timeframe.

Twan and Twan are genuine specialists in the field of custom-made interiors, with an exceptionally high standard being the norm. That is why I have enjoyed working with them for almost ten years. Especially when it comes to challenging interior projects that do not compromise on quality. The Twans team always looks for the best technical solution for our clients’ design ideas. That results in clear working drawings with clear project planning. “After all, a promise is a promise” according to Twans. The end products almost always surpass the client’s expectations. We can distinguish ourselves with a partner like Twans. I think of Twans as a partner, an extension of our organisation.

Tell us your vision, we realise your idea. Tell us your vision, we realise your idea.

For the realization of a unique but challenging interior design I was looking for an interior design company would could help me. Where others backed off because of the complexity of the project, Twans was enthusiastic from the outset. They viewed it as a challenge to take on this project. They offered input in respect of the details and practical aspects, something that is very important to me as a designer. The result is stunning. The design was perfectly translated into reality thanks in part to Twans’ craftsmanship. I am also very satisfied with the collaboration. The lines were short throughout the entire process, from the drawing board to construction, and they responded and acted quickly. As far as I’m concerned, this pleasant start is just the beginning of a long-term partnership!

Mirthe Janus

Interior architect -
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